Ideas for the Mambu Banking Engine

Completion fee - applied at disbursement, due at last instalment

What: New upfront disbursement fee type which is applied at the moment of disbursement but does not become due until the last instalment. The fee needs to be shown in the schedule, increasing the last installment total expected/ due amounts. In case the number of installment on the account changes (e.g. due to a pre-payment when Reducing Number of Installment recalculation method is used) - the fee should be “moved” to the last pending installment (i.e. should always become due with the last unpaid installment).

Why: It’s a common practise in case of car/motor-vehicle financing loans (e.g. Hire Purchase agreements) which typically charge so called “completion” fee at end of the agreement, to allow ownership of the goods (e.g. financed car) to be passed to the customer. "

  • Szymon Klapcinski
  • Mar 26 2019
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