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Backdating Locked(capping) transactions

What: In certain scenarios, post the locked(capping) transaction as backdated (i.e. Creation Date as of "now" and Entry Date in the past) to reflect the moment when the capping constraints on an account had actually been exceeded/ met.

For example, if a fee is backdated on a loan account and causes the capping constraints to be exceeded (soft capping) or met by the next day's interest accrual/ application - then the loan account should be Locked Capped, with Entry Date as of the date when the capping constraints were actually exceeded/ met.

Why: Since we allow backdating transactions (and they are the trigger for capping), we should also backdate the capping itself, to reflect the transaction that triggered the capping constraints.

This would help with the reconciliations and clear audit trail, making it easy to identify when the account met/ exceeded the capping limits.

  • Dorota Nosal
  • Mar 9 2018
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