Ideas for the Mambu Banking Engine

Clone Prod environment to a 'pre-production' env that can hold the same version as Prod

What: A possibility from my.mambu to clone Production environment to a testing environment that runs on the same version as Production (instead of Sandbox, which might be already upgraded to a different version).

Currently we dont support this as a standard option and we can only offer this for customers in dedicated environment and we can give them a ‘pre-production’ environment, upon request, and at an extra cost.

Why: One of the basic reasons is when tenants want to run some tests on the current Mambu version, during the time when a new Mambu version has been already been deployed to Sandbox.

Before making any changes in Production, they should be tested first in order to ensure they will be successful. However, if Sandbox runs on a different version, even if these tests are successful - that does not guarantee that they will behave the same in Production.

For example, some bug might have been fixed in Sandbox and not yet in Production - if tests are done in the Sandbox only, the Production updates might fail.

The current option to clone only to Sandbox running on a new version limits possibility of implementing any changes/ updated in Production during the time of a new release, which might even take even 1 month.


Multiple sandboxes as a complete solution, will be delivered via ADN-8.

  • Dorota Nosal
  • Jun 30 2017
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