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Ideas aimed to improve the current experience provided by the Mambu Banking Engine.

HOLD feature for pacs.002

What: Introduce mechanism which allows to manage RJCT pacs.002

· Implement a separate "hold" feature for RJCT messages;

· Have the configuration option on the Payment Gateway level - Hold RJCT Processing / Reverse automatically;

· Create an alert whenever a new RJCT message is on-hold,

· Escalate the alert whenever nobody reacts in x hours.

Why: If we receive from CSM a RJCT pacs.002 = yes, the entire message would get rejected, even if there was only one or few transaction(s) with a problem (e.g. wrong BIC). In other words, all the transactions reversed if there is a pacs.002 on file level (means that belong to all transactions in the original pacs.008-file).

In cases when clearing houses that know how to work with PART pacs.002 , they can leverage "Reverse automatically", whilst if a clearing house send RJCT pacs.002 only, tenants need to have a possibility to correct wrong transaction(s) and resend the pacs.008-file to the SEPA-Clearer - instead of having thousands reverse bookings on our customer's accounts.

  • Alyona Gorlushko
  • May 15 2020
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