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[PAY] Payment data Search and filters fields in the Payment Gateway

As a Payment Gateway User, I want to be able to search for a specific payment or a bulk file in the UI so that I can easily identify specific messages, orders or transactions among hundreds and hundreds of data.


Enable possibility to search for a payment and or a bulk file using different parameters.

E.g. be able to find a payment by the following criteria:

  • TrxID

  • Debtor IBAN

  • From and To execution dates

  • From and To settlement dates

  • Name of the debtor

  • Filter payment information: Payment Type, Payment amount (specific and interval), From and To execution dates, From and To settlement dates

  • Creditor IBAN

  • Creditor Name

  • Creditor ID (SDD)

  • Mandate Reference (SDD)

  • Bulk ID (to be able to search for Bulks as well)


To find specific payment messages, orders, transactions or other information among all the payments in order to.

- perform investigations on individual payments upon request by a client / client of the sender Bank (e.g. has the payment been received?)

- investigate error situations where payments have not been processed correctly and we need to identify where the payment got stuck in the processing

Absence of Search functionality makes Payments Gateway hardly usable and as an alternative tenants need building another front end.

  • Alyona Gorlushko
  • May 29 2020
  • Planned
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