Mambu Banking Engine

Ideas aimed to improve the current experience provided by the Mambu Banking Engine.

Audit trail for transactions processed via the Payment Gateway


Enable audit trail (log all actions) on the transactions processed via Payment Gateway

- log every call of initiatePayment, incomingMessage, createMapping and createMappins end points with message details

- log every status change of a transaction/message within the PG with at least the following information => this should allow tenants to traceback a booking in Mambu to the individual processing history of an underlying payment message in the Payment Gateway

o Date and time of change

o System ID

o Message ID

o Message type

o Transaction number

o New Status of Message / transaction

o User that triggered the change (either technical user/system or manual user action)

- log all errors displayed in the alerts tabs currently

- log changes to Payment Gateway configuration

- log changes to users / permissions

- allow to access the logs via UI and/or API end point or any other technical means


- Payments processed via the Payment Gateway result in bookings on GL Accounts of a tenant

- Bookings on the GL Accounts impact tenant's P&L / Balance Sheet

- P&L and Balance Sheet are audited by an external audit every year

- For each booking the audit company (of course only based on samples) checks, whether sufficient evidence / supporting documentation is available, to prove that is a legitimate booking.

E.g. in Germany Basis for the accounting audit is so called GoBDs:;jsessionid=24661EB54D8F7763EE97181EA426C0E3.delivery2-replication?__blob=publicationFile&v=12 (unfortunately only available in German)

- Key requirements from GoBD

o progressive and retrograde traceability of business transactions

o transactions are documented in a complete, correct, comprehensible, orderly and unmodified manner

o linking of booking and documentation

  • Alyona Gorlushko
  • Jul 2 2020
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