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Possibility to include SEPA specific payment information in GET deposit transaction.

Hi Team,


Possibility to include the SEPA specific information such as:

* Sendername

* SenderIBAN

* Purpose

* End2EndID

as part of the GET transaction request GET /deposits/transactions/{depositTransactionId}


At the moment there is no way how to publish payment details to the partners or clients.
In case there are like 50 transactions, simply requesting these 50 payment details from the internal payment API would extend the response time significantly and for even more payments the API won't work.

When publishing the history of a specific deposit account, you would like to know where your money came from or where you have sent it to. That information has to be part of the transaction history of a deposit account.

Using Custom fields could result in performance implication so, it will be more optimal to include a SEPA object in the response body like we have for Cards.

  • Michael Ngangom
  • Jul 24 2020
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